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  • 7 Nights in Dubai (1-2 Stars hotel)
  • Flight Ticket
  • 2  Weeks UAE Entry Visa
  • 1 Day Access Gitex Ticket


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  • 7 Nights in Dubai (1-2 Stars hotel)
  • Flight Ticket
  • 2  Weeks UAE Entry Visa
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Know More About GITEX

Gitex for Marketers

Discover how google, apple market their platforms successfully! GITEX for Marketing is made up of the key people driving and engineering change in the world of marketing. CMOs, leading brands, investors, agencies and martech startups from a huge range of industries will gather to tell their success stories. Learn what new platforms and tools are delivering the greatest ROI for your industry? Is automation and personalisation as effective in B2B as in B2C? Register Now

Explore the future of healthcare

Are you interested in health care or currently working in this field? GITEX for Healthcare will explore on how technology is helping us live healthier and longer lives. The world’s leading CMIO’s, physicians, medtech startups, investors and people redefining health affected by this digital age in which we’re living will share knowledge on.

  • Smart systems and robots for healthcare services: Using automation to assist human doctors with surgery, provide diagnostics and other applications
  • Devices, systems and treatments for personalized medicine: Developing personalized medicine through the use of data (digital medical society) and innovative processes
  • Wearables: Finding out more about how wearables can assist in everyday life, outside of fitness. What do wearables mean for elderly care and regions fundamental societal problems such as obesity and Diabetes? Why are hackers targeting wearables?Register Now


Explore the future of global smart cities

GITEX for Global Smart Cities  will be an exclusive platform for government leaders and industry experts to address liveable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships. The Intelligent City conference will bring together 30+ global influencers and innovators to share thought leadership on

    • What’s coming next? Rethinking business models and embracing a collaborative ecosystem to create more intelligent cities
    • 5g networks: making smart cities a reality
    • City CIO Leaders panel: what does the smart city look like?
    • Understanding city security threats and potential risks
    • Case study: uniting public and private sectors to deliver safer, more intelligent 

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Explore the future of retail

GITEX for Retail will gather those at the forefront of change in the industry — individuals, startups and large established companies — to explore the future of retail. The Retail Conference will cover topics as diverse as frictionless payments, virtual reality, 3D printing, drone delivery, blockchain and personalisation:

  • New realities: AR, VR and the virtual store
  • Meaningful connections and making data count
  • Bespoke bots, the smarter mall and learning from singles day

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Explore the future of finance

  • Assessing the impact of the fintech disruptors to the traditional banking industry
  • Investigating the blockchain and how this will revolutionise the banking system
  • Examining the role of the central banks and government institutions in the regulation of cryptocurrencies
  • Exploring the proliferation of mobile banking and its impact on e-commerce
  • Discussing the use of predictive analytics to improve customer engagement

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Explore the future of smart manufacturing

GITEX for Smart Manufacturing  will give insight on the roadmap to assembling the Factory of the Future through new technologies and systems. The conference will be platform for industry leaders and technology practitioners to meet, discuss and network on smart manufacturing in the GCC ???

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Explore the future of women in tech

What A Lovely Care! Special conference for Women who are interested in techno and always looking for improvement in career

  • Redefining technology as a viable career path for women
  • Addressing the role of education institutions in developing attractive programs
  • Examining the social and cultural constraints for female development
  • Exploring the funding and investment in female led start-ups and SMBs
  • Capitalising in the different viewpoint of women to promote innovation

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Explore the future of transportation

Transportation@GITEX will explore intelligent transportation, regulation, and how low speed autonomous vehicles are leading the smart mobility transformation. Explore new business models to implement transportation & mobility technology and key discussion areas including:

  • Transforming transportation and mobility with the connected city
  • New solutions for shared mobility and commuting experiences: Inventing ways to lean towards shared mobility and better door-to-door traveller experience
  • Inventive means of transportation & mobility: Breakthrough solutions for transportation
  • New city dynamism: connectivity, congestion, livability and urbanization: Building an optimized ecosystem to reduce traffic congestion, parking difficulties and improve megacities of the future

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Explore the future of education

Education at GITEX will gather those at the forefront of change in the industry – individuals, startups, and large established universities – to explore future of education. The Education Conference will cover topics including:

  • Smart Connected Campus
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Flipped and Measured Learning
  • 3D Printing transforming education

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