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You tell us your business model and we build the website based on it. With the help of other digital channels, you can see revenue comes online.

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We’ve been helping companies like yours on Social Media since 2011. So, whatever your objectives are, we can help bringing them to life

Social Media Marketing

Enjoy our result-driven Facebook strategy.
We are experts in utilizing the wide range of Facebook post formats
Need help with Paid Ads?
We’re here to help!

Whether it’s an attractive picture that lasts forever or just a 24 hours story that take the breath away! Let’s publish those branded visuals.

Let’s plan your LinkedIn strategy and help build strong relationships in LinkedIn. It’s the largest professional network… so don’t miss out!
Do you need a Twitter strategy?
We are here to help. Contact us if you want to tweet

LinkedIn Strategy and Campaign Management

We help you build a value exchange based relationships with customers and partners. Especially great if you are in the B2B digital marketing. You get planning and implementation to leverage the power of the largest professional social media network.

Zajil Email Marketing Platform

Retain your best customers

No channel comes even close to the 4,400% ROI that email marketing has. Our smart clients use ZAJIL to send sales email campaigns and to automate many digital activities.  ZAJIL will Save your time and cut your marketing cost

What we do

We innovate digital marketing solutions that improve your online performance. By using the right tools and the best experts we are sure to make your digital campaigns more efficient and result driven.

Email Marketing

Send beautiful email campaigns and track your outstanding results. Email marketing is well known of its unbelievable 4,300% ROI. Learn More

Social Media

We help our clients planning and executing social media campaigns to effectively increase brand awareness and site traffic.Learn More

Web Design

Let’s change how you look online and add some useful digital marketing functionalities to your website. Learn More

Marketing Automation

Email and site automation tools that get your digital marketing and sales to the next level.. must-have for B2B marketers.
Integrated Digital Marketing.. How it works with us?

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Since 2011, eMarketing has been driven by a big vision “Pioneer the digital marketing industry regionally”
Since our foundation, we’ve been transforming traditional marketing with digital marketing.

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