Digital Analytics

As you grow online, your data grows too which is good but challenging. It’s where our consultants at eMarketing can become essential partners. We can help identifying what’s working and what’s not and come up with data driven tactical or strategic recommendations or both.

Measuring your online performance

Tracking your online performance is a necessity. And your efforts on the different digital channels such as your website, mobile app, social media, search engines, email marketing and other channels create an invaluable source of improvement. We help put data together and generate very insightful reports.

Digital Presence Audit report

Social Listening and Voice Share

Digital Competitive Analysis

Analytics Dashboards

Get your custom report

If you have specific report requirements based on your strategy, competition or any other factor, we will be more than happy to adjust our standard reports and dashboards to meet those requirement. 


If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

– Peter Drucker

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