Our Client:-

African Paints is a leading Paint and decorative supplies manufacturer in Sudan.

The problem:-

The company needed a website that is not only for showcasing their products, further, they need it to help their customers solve their painting projects’ problems too.

They have 4 types of customers:

  • Contractors (Partner)
  • Architect and interior designers (Partners)
  • Retailers (Partners)
  • Individuals (consumers)

Each type has its unique needs and thus the company needs to address them separately.

In order to make their lives easier, the company asked eMarketing web development team at to develop different tools that are useful and helpful.

The solutions provided:-

At eMarketing we aim to make the client’s vision come true, through putting in mind the industry requirements and working on aligning it with our clients vision, in addition to the end user experience. We were able to come up with these solutions.


  • The Paint calculator:


It’s a very handy web application that helps different parties (namely contractors, architect and interior designers) and individual consumers. The partners can use the Advanced or basic options to calculate the needed paints quantity for their projects, while the individuals can use the Basic calculator to estimate the needed paints for their small projects (house, office, etc).

How it works?

1- You choose the desired paint product.

2- determine the size of the area you’re planning to paint.

3- the Paint calculator will use this data to calculate the quantities you’ll be needing for the project. The quantities differ based on the consistency and stickiness of each paint product therefore the calculator would be helpful regarding this matter.

4- order the products and the quantities directly through African Paints website.

  • The Paint Selector:


A web application developed to help the users find the right paint for their painting projects. The tool has been developed to provide the use with a filtered results of products depending on the user’s entries. User’s entry could be:

  • Application (on which surface the paint will be applied)
    • Exterior or interior?
    • Surface material (Wood, steel, etc)
  • Base of the paint
    • Water base
    • Oil base
    • ..etc

After selecting the right paint, one click leads the user to more info about the selected product.

  • The visualizer:

A useful tool that helps the user to picture how the final result of the selected painting would look like on the walls. The user is free to conduct as many experiments needed until they’re satisfied with the  painting color that aligns with their vision. The tool is a successful integration with a 3rd party provider.

  • The shop:

A beautifully designed electronic shopping experience. Instead of a static website, Africanpaints.sd is a complete eCommerce website. The company has the option to activate/deactivate the ordering function from within the shopping system. This could be integrated with any available electronic payment in the future.

The design aspects:-

  • The website appearance matches the African Paints brand at the finest details level.
  • The visuals have been selected carefully to match the painting and decoration industry.
  • The website provides easy navigation that doesn’t overwhelm the users.
  • The website provides English/Arabic language option.
  • The home included the most important details for the targeted customers with links to the most popular tools. The header hosts a nice slider servers as a premium display which is currently used to highlight offers, running promotions and communicate brand messages.
  • Graphic design: The graphic designer in eMarketing used the print design of packaging to create realistic product pictures (3D with shadow and light effects). This produced  high quality product images and kept the team from time of shooting the products and going through the cumbersome photo editing process.

Sample of products images:-

Browse through African Paints website  here and take a look at the unique design features yourself!

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