Dender Natural Park

Dinder National Park is ecologically significant because it falls on the ecotone between the Sahel and Ethiopian Highlandsecoregions. It contains three distinct ecosystems:

The park is home to 27 species of large mammals such as Masai lionsAfrican leopardsSudan cheetahs, over 160 species of birds, 32 species of fish, and small mammals, bats, reptiles, and amphibians. It is in a major flyway used by birds migrating between Eurasia and Africa. There are many North African ostriches residing in the national park as well. In 2016, a population of lions, possibly ranging from about 73-146, were discovered in Dinder National Park by a team led by Oxford University’s Hans Bauer.[1] Besides those discovered in the adjacent Alatash National Park in Ethiopia, they are thought to be of Central African origin