We all remember the first email address we made, whether it was for social reasons , business reasons, job hunting or whatever.

But did you ever think of email as a marketing tool??

In fact, it is a very successful one too!

To clarify more, take these facts for example:

Email is an international boarder crosser

According to Radicati’s 2016 Email Statistics report, email will be used by 3 billion people by 2020.

That’s almost half of the world’s population.

So, with a click of a button your email can travel and market your business worldwide.

Email has higher Conversion Rates

Email is a direct marketing communication tool, once you have your contact email address you can personalise your sent email, matching their needs with your offering all with simple techniques available via email marketing tools. which all leads to HIGHER CONVERSION rates comparing to a random social media post for example.


Tracking and Reporting

With email marketing tools, you can always track your sent emails reports (opens, clicks, …etc).

Keeping in touch with your customers

For the benefit of your business, every email you send will add more to the customer value and enhance your brand image even if it’s just a scheduled  “Eid greeting email”.

Emails are always on the user monitoring radar

Studies shows that most users open their emails first thing before any other digital channels else, so if you have email marketing techniques right, your email would be on the way to making you your promised ROI.

Email has unbelievable Return of Investment

Email ROI is 3800; that’s 38$ for every dollar spent! remarkable but unbelievable, right!!

When using email marketing tool you will be adding more to this feature list above!

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